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Greetings Web Travelers

I am glad you surfed by. On this page I will share a little about me and many of my favorite web sites. I live in a small town north of Dallas known as The Colony . My faith is very dear to me. The first twenty-something years of my life I attended church at Oak Cliff Assembly of God under the wise leadership of Rev. H.C. Noah. This church, now known as The Oaks Fellowship, has also been led by great men of the faith, David Godwin, Allen Groff and Tom Wilson. This is where I was baptized. This is where I learned the tenets of our faith. This is my home. I also attended church at Christian Life Assembly. The big Christian radio station in these parts is KLTY at 94.9 FM! (Hi, William!) My brother-in-law is the pastor of Abundant Life Assembly so if you are in Grapevine, Texas this is a great place to visit! This is now my church home! What follows are some of my favorite links. I will try to check them all for accuracy from time to time. Time. That is that commodity that is so rare these days. God bless you friend and enjoy the rest of the links. The events of 9/11 have forever changed us. There are more unashamed Americans proudly wearing the red, white and blue than there have been in a long time. One of my friends, Michael Brooks, has put together an amazing tribute to the martyrs of New York. It is called: For the Spirits On Wings. Drop by for a truly amazing experience. I am a Christian and the links that I spotlight here will largely attest to that fact. There are several ministries that I have found to be helpful over the years. When I find that these groups have a web site I have posted it. For starters, The Watchman Fellowship is a ministry that informs believers about the many deceptions of cults and the occult. I believe we should be prepared and informed and not ignorant of Satan's attacks. Focus on the Family is one of the finest pro family organizations of its kind. Dr. James Dobson is one of my heroes. He can be heard locally on 91.7 KVTT or KCBI Radio 90.9. I personally listen while I drive to work between 0700 and 0730 on KVTT. Now, please allow me to introduce you to a friend. Al Menconi is a writer and lecturer who equips parents with the information to guard carefully the entertainment diet of our children. The Al Menconi Ministries website is full of movie, TV, music and video game reviews. Make it your business to know what your kids are doing! Promise Keepers is an organization dedicated to men.There are great resources and a list of upcoming events here to help America to be a nation of men under God. We need men of renown and example for our sons to emulate and our daughters to marry. In the Christian Classics Ethereal Library you will find many writings from the Early Church Fathers. The Bible Gateway Contains the complete text of the Bible in several versions and languages. The Christian Coalition is an organization that falls under the, "Be informed," category. Headed by Pat Robertson, this organization encourages Christians to be active in the political process and not to let the enemy win by default. The Best of the Christian Web has a name that kind of says it all. Doesn't it? I have also included a link to the Assemblies of God web site. These are my roots. This is where my convictions were birthed. With Christian Book Distributors you can equip and inform yourself. Go buy a book! Looking for a great online magazine? Check out Christianity Today. Another of my favorite sites is the Last Days Ministries web site. Remember Keith Green? Here is a link to a great school (because I attended) that has experienced enormous physical growth since the years that I attended. Southwestern Assemblies of God University: I did time... er... (Just kidding!!) attended this school for several semesters. I hold a degree from The University of North Texas in Behavior Analysis.

Great Christian Music

I like much of my music loud. For news on hard music go to hm electronic magazine. The Christian Music Place is music site with several forums, mailing lists and links to artist web sites. This is also a site that works to support local and independent musicians. JAMSLINE is a vast collection of artist web site links. I have found some of my favorite artists through this site! CCM Online is the web site for the popular Christian music magazine. Go here for interviews, artist profiles and album views.

A few good Star Wars Links!

Unless you are some unfortunate soul that has been stranded under a rock for the last two decades you have come to the understanding that Star Wars has long since transcended the original three movies. Its universe has long since expanded into countless web sites and scores of novels. Each pays its own level of tribute to the world that George Lucas created with the release of Star Wars Episode IV in 1977. Among the many popular web pages that exist on the web, the most visited site with up to date news and information is Here you will be able to download desktop images and movie trailers as well as immerse yourself for days on end in nothing but ewoks and wookies. (That should smell nice!) Echo Station is a fantastic site that contains message boards, book reviews and some really great fan art. The Star Wars Novel Page gives some reviews on many of the novels available on the market today while The Force.Net is a very good site full of news and a myriad of informational items that place it as one of the best Star Wars sites on the internet. For a nice laugh go to the Star Wars Trilogy Blooper Guide. There are some pretty detailed bloopers described that make for some interesting reading. May the Force be with you!!

Star Trek

Star Trek was the predecessor of the modern science fiction genre. There are several good sites dedicated to this phenomenon as well. Star Trek: Nemesis is the new movie coming to theaters this winter. Trek Today is bustling with activity of the Romulan sort while Beyond is a great site that even contains a simulated holodeck computer. Very nice!

My Favorite Authors

C.S. Lewis was a 20th Century theologian and writer. He was the genius behind The Chronicles of Narnia and wrote extensively about the Christian faith. Lewis once held the Chair of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge and his books are considered essential to any Christian library. The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page is a great introduction to one of my favorite authors. He created The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The trilogy, by the way, is coming to the big screen in the form of three new movies over the next few years. The first, Fellowship of the Ring, was released last year (IT ROCKS!!) and The Two Towers will tentatively be released Christmas 2002 and The Return of the King will debut Christmas 2003. C.S. Lewis and Mr. Tolkien met together with several friends in the back room of a local pub for 16 years. This group later became known as 'The Inklings.' My favorite Lord of the Rings site is This site is full of informative news about anything Lord of the Rings. Another exhaustive site can be found at When I think of the American frontier, the name of Louis L'Amour quickly comes to mind. Yet his books extend to other continents and genres as well. If you have not enjoyed his books don't let a fear of bad cowboy novels keep you away. These books go beyond mere pulp fiction. Louis L'Amour is yet another quality writer.

Science and Learning

Are you a stargazer? Take a look at Astronomy or Sky & Telescope, the web sites for the popular astronomy magazines by the same name. NASA has a very good site detailing the evolution of the space program and its current missions. For the amateur astronomer check out the Star Gazer website. Do you want to know what happened today in history? The History Channel has an extensive database of historical data. covers all topics from history to science. You get the latest news and data from many sciences. PBS Online will keep you in touch with the latest in educational programming, including some great children's shows. They also have great movies on my local public broadcasting station. Star Wars: Realities Beyond the Myth is the site that answers the question that we all want to know about the science fiction fantasies we grew up on, "Can they really do that?" Sometimes the answer is surprising! National Geographic has been a standard in science and education for years and the web site is exceptional. The photography is excellent and the topics of research range from sharks to cave exploration.

Techie and Web Site Building Information

Do you want to learn more about the internet underground or Kevin Mitnick? 2600: The Hacker Quarterly will provide you with a small glimpse into the lives of those individuals. With you can learn everything you need to know to pass many different certification exams. If Cisco certification is what you seek then check out for some helpful study guides or if you are searching for online training or seminars visit Do you need downloads, software, hardware, etc.? Go to CNET and you'll find what you need! The same goes for ZDNet. They have numerous screen savers, wallpapers and shareware for downloading. Do you want to see what the villainous Microsoft is up to other than taking their lumps from the Department of Justice? (Welcome to the United States where we punish success and reward mediocrity! Don’t get me started!) Perhaps you would like to visit Netscape and get the latest version of their popular software! Hotwired has great tutorials if you want to learn to build a web site, learn java script or dynamic HTML. The Hex Color Chart can help you to select a special color for the perfect web site experience! (Geez, that sounds corny!) Mediabuilder has some great free background art and A Plus Art has some of the best free graphics that I have found anywhere. Need some free web space? Go see Freeservers. They gave me 12 megabytes of space and are the hosts of this fine site. Maybe you would like to try Tripod, who gave me 20 megabytes more. What more could I need?! Don't answer that!

News and Information

The Dallas Morning News is my hometown newspaper and my news of choice on the web. There is another paper from that other town on the West side of Dallas known as the The Fort Worth Star Telegram. A nice resource for humor and information exists in the form of the website of local talk show personality, Kevin McCarthy. For those who like to stay in touch to another level may want read the The Washington Post, The New York Times or The USA Today. Perhaps an honest analysis of our current government of military impotence is what you seek. May I introduce you to Col. David H. Hackworth. The Drudge Report will give you the news that others never get around to reporting. For the news from an English perspective try The Sunday Mirror. Perhaps you want your news from the king of it all, CNN. (That just means they are on top. It does not mean CNN is the best!) For the trendy news check out US News, LIFE or TIME. To round out the coverage I guess we should include ABC News and MSNBC. I have found that FOX News is the most realistic and representative of the truth in our world. They are awesome! Is that enough news for you? No? Then go to the The Associated Press. Maybe the other news services missed something. You really are pathetic.


The Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team," get over it! I love those boys. C’mon guys win some for the Gipper!! The rest of the NFL will just have to live with what they've got. The Dallas Mavericks are an up and coming team these days. (Can you say “Playoff Bound?”) When Mark Cuban came to town, it was the most exciting thing for us since Jordan left the game. (The first time) For more basketball action go read about the rest of the hoods who the play the game at The NBA Online. (Which thug will be on America’s Most Wanted this week?)The Dallas Stars are the destined for the cup in 2003?! Read all the news at The The Texas Rangers look like they are ready for a good run this year. Not! Follow all of the baseball news at Major League We will just have to wait and see. The Dallas Burn are just there on the fringes. Now NASCAR has really taken off in Texas for the last couple of years. Go, Bobby!! For the latest scores and sports news go to The Sporting News, CNN/SI and ESPN SportsZone. For the network coverage on sporting events go to CBS Sportsline, ABC Sports and FOX Sports. When I go to Ski Central to check the snow conditions, I get homesick for the ski slopes. It has been a long time since I have seen those great mountains of Colorado. (Sigh) I want to ski so badly but I was born in the flat land of Texas.


And now for something completely different! Friend, have you ever been honored to meet Duncan or Connor MacLeod? Do you know of the world of the immortals? The Official Highlander Site is a great resource for studying the puzzling lives and activities of immortals. There are, however, a group of mortals who have made it their mission to chronicle the events and achievements of the immortals on Earth. They are a secret organization known as the Watchers. The Watcher Database is online and provides volumes of data on every immortal. The Highlander Quill Club is a collection of fan fiction based on the characters of this excellent series. Remember: There can be only one.

Disney Stuff

Walt Disney brought imagination into a new dimension. Whether it is the theme parks or the classic feature animation that he gave us, Walt has left us a great legacy. The Disney Store is the place to buy the movies, clothing, toys or even original animation artwork. A sort of tribute to the Disney music is found at the Disney Music Page. Some of the most interesting stories that we hear have never actually happened. Check the Urban Legends page for some pretty tall tales and amazing stories. It's good reading if for no other reason than to see how badly rumors can propagate. Although they are not an urban legend, the Hidden Mickey are an interesting use of imagination and creativity. The Disney Information Station can even help you plan you vacation to Disneyland or Walt Disney World so you can find your own hidden Mickey.